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Playing Your Best Golf as a Senior

Dear Senior Golfer,

Whether you used to play golf until life got in the way or you now have a little more leisure time than before, you’re just one of many that are looking at golf through new eyes, especially now that Seniors golf officially starts at the positively youthful age of 50.

If you’re the former, how long has it been since you last played a round?  Maybe it was your favorite pastime, but how long has it been?  Perhaps its time to get your old golf buddies together and go play a round again. 
If you’re the latter and have been wanting to get out and about a little more, maybe do some exercise to keep yourself trim and expand your social circle, you’ve been wondering what is the right answer for you.
Whichever you are, fallen golfer looking to get back in the game or just looking to get started, I’m certain you’ll find my brand new book, the product of almost 40 years of hard won golfing experience, an essential tool to help you get green smart and show everybody else a thing or two!
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Now you’ve taken a moment to think about it, why not get together with your friends and play a round of golf?  Surely you can’t possibly think you are too old?  Did you know some golfers play their best game only after having raised their kids and stepped back from their careers? 
You know you want something to do with your time.  Oh sure, you could do some work around the house or finally sort out the garden, but there’s no way that is the same as having something you can look forward to, where you can even easily beat people half your age!  When you put into practice the tips and techniques I’m going to show you in this book, you can be the star of the 19th hole! 
It’s Never Too Late to Get Into Golf!
So what is holding you back?  Is it your age?  Not these days when the PGA Seniors Tour starts at age 50 and features such household names as Seve Ballesteros, Jim Thorpe, Fuzzy Zoeller and Ian Woosnam! Jack Nicklaus is in his late 60s and he is still playing pro golf. 
All you need to get going, as either a born again golfer or new kid on the course, is a few lessons, some pointers, and good practice.  The best thing of all is that all you need to give is some determination and a love of the game.
Maybe you have been thinking about playing again, but you are afraid you will be the only one on the course of your age group. Don’t worry about that for even a minute! I promise you it won't be like that.  There are golf courses from Miami, Florida to Portland, Oregon and from London, England to Malaga in Spain that are fiercely competing to win the senior golfer's business.  
Okay, maybe you aren't ready to start asking questions of friends or family just yet.  You would prefer to learn some things or to polish your skills on your own.   What if there was a place where you could find all the information you wanted, would you look at it?  If it helped you in some way, would you read it?  What you need is my book,
The Complete Golf Guide: Play Better Than Ever!
This book has all the information you need to get started playing the game of golf.  It is also great for those who already love the game and have been thinking about playing again.  Whether you are an experienced player but haven't played in a while or a beginner who has never played the game before, this book is full of tips and techniques to help you play the game like a seasoned pro.

Fitness and Health

1) To play golf well you need to prepare your body with some golf specific exercise.  This will help you with your flexibility and range of motion.  It will also give you added strength and endurance, both on and off the course. 

2) In addition to basic good technique, there are certain snacks you should take with you whilst playing a round of golf.  My snack suggestions will keep your body properly  fueled so you can go all 18 holes.
In my Book you will also learn...
  • The Social and Health Upside to Playing Golf Well
  • How to Avoid Injury
  • Seniors Take a Smarter Approach to Their Game
  • Comprehensive Equipment Guide
  • The Benefits of Yoga as a Golf Fitness Program
  • A Seniors Good Nutrition Guide
  • How To Shop Around For the Right Kind of Lessons
  • The Importance of Proper Warm-up Techniques
  • How To Develop a Good Swing
  • Improving Your Putting
  • And a whole lot more!
How Much Is That Worth To You?
If I say so myself, and I do, The Complete Golf Seniors Guide is a must read for all senior golfers.  Without it you will be missing out on some great ways to improve your game.  If you just want to get started playing, you will also benefit by reading this book first so you know some helpful stretching and warm up exercises and avoid possibly painful injury. 
100% Improve Your Game 30

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You've got a full 30 days to try out the material out on the course.

This is a no questions asked, no fuss money-back guarantee.
Look at it this way - $29.99 really is just a drop in the bucket for picking up the distilled wisdom of my almost 40 years experience on the golf course. Just compare what I have to offer with any other book out there and think of all the time and money you can save yourself by avoiding all the other books and tutorials out there. Why spend a fortune learning how to play golf, when you can do so much better with me?
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